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Teresa Crossland


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"Therapy Sucks. It’s expensive, time-consuming, uncomfortable, and to some, it feels like weakness. It's hard to realize that you need some help, but it's actually quite courageous to seek out professional guidance. I can provide a safe and nonjudgmental place to work through life's difficulties. "

Teresa's Approach

I use a combination of treatment philosophies with an emphasis on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Internal Family Systems and EMDR for trauma reprocessing. I work in a very action oriented way, with a plan that you can understand and concrete skills and tools to work with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is my intention to provide understanding, insight, and education around the nature of the mind, the mind-body connection, and very specific ways to work with life's challenges. I encourage my clients to be very committed to this process, assigning homework outside of session to ensure real change. Also attending sessions is my certified therapy dog, a 135 pound Great Dane-English Mastiff mix who is available for cuddling while you work through the hard stuff. I respect diversity and really enjoy working with people who identify as different or nontraditional. It is my hope, that in my office, my clients can be exactly who they are, feeling accepted and never judged.

Teresa Crossland Background

I love to learn and I make it my priority to stay current on new ideas and therapy techniques. I have been trained to use EMDR, am currently in the Level 1 Internal Family Systems training, and am constantly researching new and innovative ways to work with people. I consider myself a creative and nontraditional therapist, and many of my clients are surprised at how much laughter there is in session. Being a human is hard - so I encourage humor and lightness in the face of life's challenges. I am not the right therapist for everyone - sometimes I am blunt and confrontational and I will absolutely tell you what I think. I understand that therapy is expensive, so it is my intention to be direct and clear in how I work and what i think would be helpful to assist people in moving effectively through this process. It is my hope that i can gently push people to challenge their own limiting beliefs so that they can start living a better, more satisfying life.


Individual Therapy

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Specialties PTSD Psychedelic Integration Highly Sensitive Person

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Specialties EMDR Internal Family Systems (IFS) Mindfulness-Based Therapy


Website: http://www.happyrebeltherapy.com

Licence Number:LPC 6101

Address:3450 Penrose Place, Suite 220, BOULDER, CO 80301-1810


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