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Sarah Long


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"As a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and EMDR therapist, I am passionate about supporting those who struggle with an eating disorder, body image concerns, and/or trauma. Through a collaborative therapeutic relationship, I truly believe healing and a meaningful life are very much possible! "

Sarah's Approach

In general, my approach is integrative and client-centered. The term ‘integrative’ can feel vague, but I truly believe that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not promote healing or growth. Through collaboration, compassion, and non-judgmental curiosity, my client and I explore the psychological, biological, social, and spiritual influences on their struggles. These influences, as well as the incorporation of evidence-based interventions, guide the direction of therapy. More specifically, my approach is centered around the following principles. • Every person is whole, unique, and capable of change. • Effective treatment depends on a safe, respectful, and collaborative relationship between the therapist and their client. • It’s critical to consider all aspects of my client’s life, not just the presenting problem. • Healing is a journey - with ups and downs - but is very much possible with stable, consistent support.

Sarah Long Background

After 10 years of working with eating disorders, trauma, and related concerns, and having personally recovered myself, I know how difficult reaching out for support can be. Finding a therapist that’s a ‘good fit’ can feel overwhelming, so here’s a little more about me! I’ve spent my professional career specializing in eating disorders, body image concerns, trauma, and related concerns. I’ve had the privilege of working across all levels of care, including my most recent position at the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders. Prior to becoming a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I obtained a combined master’s degree in both psychology and nutrition. In addition to supporting those on their journey of healing from an eating disorder or trauma, I’ve also developed a passion for psychological assessment and EMDR, as they both can be powerful interventions when people are feeling stuck. Every day, I’m constantly reminded of the importance of balance, hope, and belief in resiliency.


Individual Therapy Adolescent/Teen Therapy Family Therapy

Issues Sarah Treats

Specialties Eating Disorder Body Image PTSD Psychological Testing/Assessment/Evaluation Sexual Abuse or Assault

Techniques Sarah Uses

Specialties EMDR Interpersonal Therapy Trauma Therapy Compassion-Focused Therapy Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)



Licence Number:PSY:0004897

Address:1800 Jackson St, Suite 208, Golden, CO 80401


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