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Lindsey Lowrance


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"Life gets to be chaotic and overwhelming sometimes. We all need help with managing it. I'm passionate about helping people tune out the expectations and pressures of others and tune in to their inner guidance - what feels right to them. Self compassion and love are important tools."

Lindsey's Approach

Keeping a calm and grounded space for clients and giving unconditional positive regard are key parts of healing. Without that safe space & connection, people do not take risks to make necessary changes or face the hard things that get in the way. I foster self-growth through connection and healing old wounds using EMDR therapy, mindfulness, and attachment based therapies for individuals and couples. I help people find their inner voice when it feels lost and learn skills to feel more empowered and stand their ground confidently. My specialties are helping women with anxiety or that have experienced traumatic wounds to reclaim their strengths, listen to their intuition, and calm nervous energy. I also enjoy helping couples find ways to feel close and connected through difficult times by helping them communicate openly and share deeply with each other.

Lindsey Lowrance Background

I am a highly sensitive and intuitive person that has been practicing social work professionally for over 11 years now. I have a variety of experience in working with all ages and many different cultures. I have found that I am at my best and am most passionate when I am helping women to find their power and confidence after it has been taken from them. I have always specialized in helping people through traumatic experiences to reclaim their lives and relationships, and to heal from major pain in their past. I have advanced training and experience in providing EMDR therapy for trauma and anxiety. I also love to use mindfulness, or helping people practice being present in the moment for centering and calming emotions and thoughts.


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Issues Lindsey Treats

Specialties Anxiety PTSD Self-Esteem

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Specialties Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) EMDR Family Systems Therapy Interpersonal Therapy Mindfulness-Based Therapy


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