Lindsay Windels

Lindsay Windels


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"I think recovery from anything is one of the most beautiful and strong things a person can do. I believe in challenging and compassionate work with my clients. I feel it is important to be honest, up front, and caring in regards to dangerous or unhealthy behaviors."

Lindsay's Approach

Recovery includes healing, mending, and recuperating from any and all of life’s twists and turns. I want my client’s to recognize that they are not alone, that through their courage to seek counseling, they have also found a trusted ally to navigate difficulties in their lives. I enjoy a holistic approach to recovery, and often incorporate mindfulness interventions that focus on the person as a spiritual, emotional, and physical being.

Lindsay Windels Background

I am licensed as both a professional counselor and an addictions counselor and have experience working in both a private practice setting, as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities. My specialties include working with substance abuse and process addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, boundary setting, and lifestyle and relationship issues. I work with family members of those struggling from addictions and help loved ones regain their sense of self after focusing their time and energy on others. I value diversity in my practice and I encourage a safe space in which clients can feel comfortable being vulnerable.


Individual Therapy

Issues Lindsay Treats

Specialties Addiction Depression Anxiety Loved Ones of Substance Abusers Women’s Issues

Techniques Lindsay Uses

Specialties Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Emotionally-Focused Therapy Mindfulness-Based Therapy Motivational Interviewing Person-Centered Therapy



Licence Number:13158

Address:2727 Bryant Street Suite 210, DENVER, CO 80211


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