Hayley Roberts

Hayley Roberts


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"I work with people people of all ages - Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults. My focus is to help you (or your child!) feel heard and to commit to a life that feels fulfilling and valuable. "

Hayley's Approach

My goal is to help you create a meaningful life by working to understand what is important TO YOU. I generally begin with an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy perspective that focuses on building a new approach to your experiences - called 'psychological flexibility.' Essentially, it's about understanding what we can't control, and recognizing and committing to doing things that we can control and that are personally valuable. Whether that's your feelings, thoughts, medical conditions, life circumstances, or team dynamics - you can learn how to accept uncontrollable things for how they are, choose what is important to you, and take action in that direction. ​ Today, you can begin your valued and fulfilling life.

Hayley Roberts Background

Education and Training: I graduated from the University of Denver in 2018 with my doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) and also received my masters at the University of Denver in 2015. I completed my Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Children's Hospital Colorado in their Medical Day Treatment Program. My Doctoral Internship was at Franciscan Children's in Boston, MA. My Specialties Include: General Mental Health Chronic Medical Conditions (Cancer, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, etc.)


Child Therapy Adolescent/Teen Therapy Individual Therapy

Issues Hayley Treats

Specialties Chronic Pain Adolescence Anxiety Depression Immigration/Acculturation

Techniques Hayley Uses

Specialties Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


Website: http://YenzaTC.com

Address:300 S Jackson St, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80209


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