Dr. Faye Kouimelis

Dr. Faye Kouimelis


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"My practice considers treating the mind and body together and using psychotherapy, sensory strategies, and movement. I specialize in difficult cases and co-occurring disorders. Special populations I work with are military/first responders, polyamory, and autism."

Dr. Faye's Approach

Are you trying to heal from past traumas? Do you find it hard to establish or maintain relationships? Do you have overwhelming emotions that are difficult to manage? I am here to help you. In therapy you can bring all your struggles, confusion, emotions, and traumas into the room and together we will slowly begin to unpack it all and work through it. My space is judgment-free and accepting of all who enter the therapy room. Let's work together at your own pace to fully understand your past and how you have become who you are today. If your goal is to become a healthier, wiser, happier and calmer you, I am here to help. Compassion, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard are the center of my therapeutic approach. My approach is holistic in nature. When working with children, I utilize play therapy. If there are co-occurring physical complications or disabilities, I will address these as well.

Dr. Faye Kouimelis Background

Dr. Kouimelis holds a Doctorate degree of Clinical Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology (2017) and is a Psychologist candidate. She also holds a Master of Science of Occupational Therapy from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (2004) with a focus in developmental and mental health. She has over 14 years of experience working with children and adults with various physical and mental disabilities. She specializes in working with individuals with autism/neuro-atypical, psychosis, personality disorders, trauma, and combat PTSD. She has worked in a variety of settings including inpatient psychiatric, school-based, the VA hospital, homeless centers, and residential treatment facilities.


Adolescent/Teen Therapy Child Therapy Group Therapy Individual Therapy

Issues Dr. Faye Treats

Specialties Autism Spectrum Schizophrenia PTSD Chronic Pain Veterans/Military Service

Techniques Dr. Faye Uses

Specialties Experiential Therapy Sensorimotor Therapy Psychodynamic Therapy Object-Relations Therapy Play Therapy


Website: http://www.twotreestherapyservices.com

Licence Number:PSYC.00014402

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