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It is exhausting to feel like you are walking on egg shells around your own child. No parent wants to white knuckle their way through every day not knowing how to help their own kid. Play Therapy and Parent Counseling can help!


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My Approach

To anyone on the outside looking in life is good. However your child's daily outbursts of emotion, high energy, or complete shut down have you feeling burnt out, defeated, and full of shame because you have no idea how to help them. Every time there is an increase in stress, emotion, or change in routine you feel it in your body as well. You find yourself on edge and ready to react to the next crisis or outburst. You are looking for help for your child and deep down what you know to be true is that taking them to therapy and not having an understanding of what is going on behind closed doors or how to help your child the other 167 hours between sessions isn't going to get the results you want. By combining individual play therapy for your child and focused parent counseling sessions for you I will help you finally take hold of the enjoyment, playfulness, and strength you feel is just beyond your grasp.

My Background

My experience has taught me that working with parents to understand the play therapy process empowers them to be an active partner in their child's healing and growth. I determined early on that as a therapist that works with children and families my foundational education and training in social work was not going to be sufficient. Once I gained the skills and understanding specific to working with children I needed to find ways to share that knowledge with the true expert in the lives of the children I work with- YOU, the parent! I pursued ongoing education specific to play therapy and how to apply the therapeutic powers of play to create life long change for the children and families I have the honor to work with. In addition to my general play therapy training, I am trained specifically in Synergetic Play Therapy. The foundational tenets of SPT inform not only my work with children and families but how I live my life day in and day out.

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