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Emmy Crouter


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"*Now offering online psychotherapy for your safety and health* Hi! I'm Emmy Crouter, LSW. I am passionate about getting to the bottom of what's causing pain points in your life and then addressing the issues head-on, but not without a healthy dose of compassion, empathy, and humor. "

Emmy's Approach

I was trained to understand individuals as deeply linked to their environment, meaning past and present circumstances, relationships, and experiences. I have noticed that what happens in 'real life' outside the therapy office, often happens in the therapy office too. Thus, therapy becomes a beautiful opportunity to explore, identify, and address one's struggles with the help of a caring, trained, professional.

Emmy Crouter Background

As someone departing their 20s soon, I love working with young adults experiencing times of transition, questions, and crossroads. I am particularly adept at helping people explore and change patterns in their lives that simply don't work anymore. Oftentimes young people will apply strategies that worked in their teens or in college to their young adult years, only to become stuck. I help people get un-stuck so that they can proceed into adulthood with more clarity and confidence.


Individual Therapy

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Specialties Anxiety Depression Relationship Issues Self-Esteem

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Specialties Interpersonal Therapy Person-Centered Therapy Psychodynamic Therapy Relational Therapy


Website: http://emmycrouter.com

Address:2150 W 29th Ave, Suite 125, Denver, CO 80211


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