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Christina Jensen


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"I help people better understand themselves, their relationships, and their experiences so they can learn how to change their responses to life and create a life full of authentic expression, playfulness, connection, expansion and joy. I see all of this as a spiritual process that unfolds in layers."

Christina's Approach

I typically meet with clients weekly or every other week as the therapy relationship is like any other relationship--consistency creates a safe place to explore and dig deeper into the issues at hand. I value being fully present and energetically attuned to my clients. I pay special attention to what comes up somatically in session and like to pause to deepen awareness to get out of the simple context of the story and into further integration and embodiment. I often ask questions to get my clients curious about themselves and their patterns but value supporting clients in strengthening their own inner guide and insights. I see my role as one of reflective partner who can be a mirror for growth only you get to fully own! Transformation happens when we feel seen and accepted; I strive to provide that experience. I feel honored partnering with people in this process as I consider therapy a sacred space to explore. I am available Tuesday - Thursday with some Friday availability.

Christina Jensen Background

I've been in private practice several years with a background in community mental health often inside jails & prisons. I've held space for the deepest shadows within that extend to the ocean floor. I've since realized healing doesn't have to be so hard regardless of what issues are calling us in to transform. I now honor looking for the light. We all have great capacity for change but there can be grief barriers when integrating what was when we are on our way to becoming new. If we learn how to welcome in surrender to being with what is present and create more space in our lives to listen we can strengthen our awareness. If we attend to it with loving kindness and a sense of curiosity about why we aren't aligning with our highest good we can find acceptance and understanding. If we then nurture all parts of ourselves (the inner children running the show) we can find freedom in taking steps to return to our capital "S" Self--our wild and most true nature, our biggest gift to offer.


Individual Therapy

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Specialties PTSD Relationship Issues Grief and Loss Psychedelic Integration Therapy for Therapists

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Specialties Attachment Theory EMDR Internal Family Systems (IFS) Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Somatic Therapy (Body-Centered)



Licence Number:CSW.09923287

Address:2839 Wyandot Street, Denver, CO 80211


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