christi garner

christi garner


500 E Lionshead Circle

"My name is Christi, and I’m a Self-Empowerment Specialist. I help women who want to step into their power. Women who need some support finding it inside of themselves. You have been feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed- these are all clues from your body that something needs to change. "

christi's Approach

We talk about change, the real changes. The ones that keep you up at night worrying, the ones that make you resentful of your partner or angry with your kids. We tackle the things that you know will make you feel better in the end but are uncomfortable to manage alone. What kind of life do you wish you were living? Lets talk about steps to get you there.

christi garner Background

I have been working with women survivors and thrivers for over 10 years. Those recovering from crazy childhoods, sexual abuse, chaotic relationships, and other big life changes. I have worked with thousands of women who have healed themselves, you can too.


Individual Therapy Group Therapy Couples Therapy

Issues christi Treats

Specialties Women’s Issues Sexual Abuse or Assault Self-Esteem Relationship Issues PTSD

Techniques christi Uses

Specialties Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Somatic Therapy (Body-Centered) Mindfulness-Based Therapy



Licence Number:1567

Address:500 E Lionshead Circle, Vail, CO 81657


Second Office Address:1755 Telstar Drive, Colorado Springs 80920

Phone: 9704103763

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Neighborhood: :Cherry Creek


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