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Dr. Chris Stanley


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"I try to offer something substantive in a field often overrun with quick fixes and surface-level change. Maybe you have been through counseling before and found that coping strategies or tools didn't last, or have never engaged in therapy before and are looking for a space to explore and dig in."

Dr. Chris's Approach

If you've been struggling with long-standing emotional or relational difficulties, it may be time to address the root causes of these things. I would be honored to help you change your life, your relationships, and yourself in deep and lasting ways. One of my specialties and passions is in providing therapy to other counselors, therapists, clergy, and social workers. I believe strongly in the calling to "help the helpers" and the need for mental health and human service professionals to engage in an in-depth therapy process of their own. I also provide psycho-educational assessments for youth and adults, such as ADHD, Learning Disability, Twice Exceptional (2E), and Autism Spectrum evaluations. Whether you are pursuing therapy or assessments, please visit my website at www.drchrisstanley.com.

Dr. Chris Stanley Background

I grew up in Southern California and earned an undergraduate double major from Biola University in La Mirada, CA. I then entered graduate training at Rosemead School of Psychology, receiving my MA in Psychology in 2002. After a pre-doctoral internship in a college counseling center in VT, I graduated from Rosemead with my Psy.D. in 2005. From 2005-2009 I worked at an outpatient therapy center in Orange, CA. After relocating to CO in 2009, I continued working in an outpatient counseling center until opening my own independent practice in 2011. I have been licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in CO since that time, working in independent private practice.


Individual Therapy Adolescent/Teen Therapy Couples Therapy

Issues Dr. Chris Treats

Specialties Relationship Issues Historical/Intergenerational Trauma Therapy for Therapists Personal Growth Self-Esteem

Techniques Dr. Chris Uses

Specialties Psychodynamic Therapy Object-Relations Therapy Existential Therapy Humanistic Psychology Relational Therapy


Website: http://www.drchrisstanley.com

Licence Number:PSY.0003662

Address:6053 S. Quebec St., Suite 200, Centennial, CO 80111


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