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"I have been working in the mental health field for 10 years, and absolutely love what I do! There is no greater honor than walking alongside my patients in their journey to emotional and physical healing. "

Chelsey's Approach

I believe one of the most important things in receiving mental health care is that my patients feel that they are in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere where they have a voice in the care they receive. I use holistic and healing oriented approaches for treatment. This means my goal is to identify the cause of mental health symptoms, which can include vitamin D deficiency, mold toxicity, elevated heavy metals, parasites, MTHFR genetic mutation, and other hidden infection like Lyme disease, all of which can cause symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, low motivation, irritability, and poor focus among other symptoms. After the root cause of mental health symptoms is determined, possible treatment plans are determined which usually include the targeted use of supplements to help the body detox and heal from toxins that cause mental health symptoms, and if the patient is comfortable with prescribed medications these can be used to help reduce the intensity of symptoms.

Chelsey Lahr Background

My education to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner was through the Western medicine treatment model which predominately uses prescribed medications to treat mental health symptoms, and this is how I did provide care for a long time. This entirely changed after my family's drinking water was unknowingly contaminated with Perfluorinated compounds- nasty chemicals which stay in the body for years, and cause physical and mental health symptoms like immunosuppression, depression, and profound fatigue. We struggled with odd health issues for years, and when it finally became public that our water was contaminated everything we had been experiencing started making sense. My personal experience profoundly changed how I view illness, and in my practice I started intensively researching root causes of mental health symptoms, versus only treating with medications. This has been life changing for myself, & many patients because treating the source of symptoms allows the body to heal!



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