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"I’m a certified addiction recovery coach, but, more than that, I have extensive 12-step experience in my own journey to recovery from addiction. Over the past 12 years, I’ve been a peer counselor, retreat leader, 12-step sponsor, and coach. The power of my approach comes from my personal background."

Brian's Approach

We’ll begin by simply exploring where you are today, what your goals are for tomorrow, and how we can rewrite your story together. In sessions, we may look at any potential internal or external obstacles that may stand in the way of recovery while devising strategies for holding yourself accountable and staying on track. If you’re living in stress, anxiety, or depression or stuck in compulsive behavior…if you’ve tried to quit or change over and over again only to find yourself back in the same frustrating but familiar pattern, I can help. My approach is collaborative, action-oriented, practical, and solution-focused. My role as your coach is to assist in building your confidence, facilitate your motivation, and help you create forward momentum. I think you will find me to be engaging, encouraging, and empowering. You're not alone. Don’t wait any longer.

Brian Klink Background

I know - personally - just how difficult it can be to step out of an unhealthy cycle and change. For years, as a professional pilot, I lived my life at 500 mph, never slowing down, just so I could strangle another minute out of the day. In the end, it was exhausting and ultimately led to my own challenges with love addiction, alcohol misuse, insomnia, and eventually divorce. So I understand what it feels like to be hurt or feel defeated and find yourself in a place you can't escape from. But I also know just how powerful it can be to work with an ally to recover and move forward. Thankfully, through coaching, I was able to slow down, step back, and see my life through the clear lens of reality. Now I offer that gift to my own clients. Who better to help you than a caring, compassionate professional who has a gift for healing and who has also experienced many of the same ups and downs and hangups of life? I've been coaching and assisting others in 12-step recovery since 2008.


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