Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal therapy is a therapeutic approach that integrates the spiritual with modern psychology. Issues considered in transpersonal psychology include spiritual self-development, mystical experiences, self beyond the ego, spiritual crisis, evolution, altered state of consciousness and spiritual practices.

Local Experts in Transpersonal Therapy

Todd Thillman

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy

My graduate degree is in Transpersonal Counseling.

Margaret Bell

Individual Therapy

Exploring the positives. Connecting with nature. Listening to dreams. Transpersonal therapy is an exploration of you and your environment and how you affect each other. Profound healing happens when we dive into our subconscious, allowing it to show us where we are blocked. Bring into awareness what was once unknown.

Michelle Panek

Individual Therapy

I like to describe Transpersonal therapy as a system that effectively combines Western psychology with Eastern philosophy/wisdom traditions. If you have tried traditional talk therapy and found that you wanted something more; or if you are interested in incorporating your spiritual seeking/beliefs into our work together, you will likely benefit from Transpersonal therapy.

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