Therapy for Therapists

Being a therapist may make you more prone to compassion fatigue and feelings of overwhelm. Working with a therapist who intimately knows the in’s and out’s of therapy work can be imperative especially when trying to balance one’s personal and professional life. Emotional depletion, vicarious trauma, counter-transference, lack of privacy and isolation are all common issues therapists face as part of their job. Working with a therapist can help you create balance and prevent burnout so that you’re able to better function as not only an individual, but also as a therapist.

Local Experts in Therapy for Therapists

Eduardo Viezca

Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy

I also specialize in therapy for therapists, young professionals of color, and other young professionals in the helping professions.

Melanie Smithson

Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy

With my background in play, movement, teaching and supervision, I am a great fit for therapists doing their own work. I have the ability and techniques which allow for fun and quick transformation.

Laura Brassie

Individual Therapy

See above on Compassion Fatigue. Therapy for therapists may look like compassion fatigue, but it could also be more like consultation. You may be triggered by a client or supervisee and simply need to jump into the issue, work through it, and move forward. I trust you as a professional and won't ask you to start at the beginning or be overly gentle. Let's get the work done.

Casey Cullen

Individual Therapy

Therapists need the therapy too! To know how it feels on both sides of the couch, can improve how we practice and take care of ourselves outside of the therapy room.

Jacqueline Cohen

Couples Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy

It can be hard and scary to ask for help when you provide help and support to others. The fear that you will be judged as incapable of helping if you struggling personally. I believe that every therapist needs a therapist. You are human and deserve support and validation just as much as your clients.

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