Sexual Abuse or Assault

Sexual abuse and assault is not biased towards age, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation and is defined as any form of sexual violence, including rape, child molestation, incest, and similar forms of non-consensual sexual contact. Due to the complicated nature of how sexual abuse occurs, treatment can be difficult, but necessary for healing. Goals of psychotherapy often include preventing and reducing PTSD symptoms, anxiety and depression. A qualified mental health professional can help survivors of sexual abuse transform their experiences, empowering them to reclaim themselves, regain a sense of safety and feel like they have control over their lives again.

Local Experts in Sexual Abuse or Assault

Marissa Brun

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy

If you have experienced a sexual assault this can be the hardest stuff to work through. I strive to establish safety and trust to explore the impact of these experiences without re-traumatizing. I have extensive experience and training with sexual assault and I have worked as a crisis responder for survivors. I am trained in trauma informed interventions and EMDR to assist your healing.

Erica Faulhaber

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Group Therapy

Sexual abuse and assault are more openly discussed now than in the past, however there is still sometimes a stigma that comes along with it. I believe in getting help as soon as humanly possible. It is a very heavy weight to walk around this world with. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I understand what it is like to hold that secret. Feeling like nobody will understand.

Susan Sayler

Individual Therapy, Group Therapy

Sexual abuse and assault are deep wounds and the damaging ripple effects continue far longer than the violation itself. Sometimes our bodies remember even when our minds do not. We hold trauma in our bodies so that we can survive painful and difficult moments, and this trauma can show up later in many different body ailments, shaking, or other panic attack symptoms.

Christina Jensen

Individual Therapy

I specialize in healing sexual trauma of any kind, whether looking to heal from sexual abuse encountered as a child/adolescent or sexual assault, rape, or intimate partner violence that can occur as an adult. Furthermore, I frequently work with survivors of incest who grew up in dysfunctional family systems. Although every person has different needs I often recommend EMDR for this issue.

Arianna Smith

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse often feel shame, anger, rage, and confusion. Most were perpetrated on by a loved one or someone in a position of power. If you have survived sexual abuse or rate, It\'s not your fault and healing is possible. I have specialized training to support LGBTQ survivors of sexual assault.

Alli Guerrero

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Child Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy

As a survivor myself and advocate for other survivors, and as a therapist trained specifically in support and treatment for healing from sexual assault, I will help you feel whole again after experiencing the theft of a part of your being. I will take you through specific steps to help you heal your mind, body, and spirit. I am empowerment focused and driven in my methods.

Brittany Wingfield

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy

If you are in a place where you feel like no one understands the Sexual Trauma that you experienced, you are not alone. Many who have experienced Sexual Trauma feel the same way, and this is due to the fact that our society doesn't know what to do with this subject. Our society is not educated on how to support a Survivor. Because of this, often times even our family members don't know what to do.

Diane Wall

Individual Therapy

Sexual Abuse can occur in intimate relationships. This can be very confusing because 'How can someone who loves me, hurt me?' Often times excuses are made for this abuse and it isn't until someone reaches their tipping point that they decide No More.

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