PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)  After a traumatic or life-threatening event, it is common to have reactions such as upsetting memories of the event, intense emotional and physical feelings, nightmares, horror, increased irritability, hypervigilance, anxiety and or depressed mood. PTSD may last months or years and is often a lasting consequence that left untreated can worsen over time. You can discuss treatment options with a qualified mental health professional and determine which ones are best for you based in the benefits and risks of each treatment. Treatment often includes different types of trauma-focused psychotherapy as well as medications to manage symptoms.

Local Experts in PTSD

Brionna Murray

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy

I understand that addressing trauma can feel painful, but once you have processed and worked through trauma, it can likely feel like a huge relief - like the elephant is finally off your chest. I am dedicated to providing a safe + brave space for you while your work through these past experiences and began to heal. I use the best evidence-based practices shown to help relieve the symptoms of PTSD.

Jessica Oshier

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Child Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy

Several years of experience working with clients who are diagnosed with PTSD. Specialized training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (somatic trauma resolution).

Lauren Northrup

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy

I have focused my work on trauma and PTSD for the past seven years. I have worked with first responders, military professionals, Veterans, Peace Corps Volunteers, crime victims, and those affected by natural disasters. I believe that we can move through our trauma, becoming stronger, resilient, and empowered individuals.

Kristen Lewis

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Child Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy

Do you struggle with memories and flashbacks that you can't let go of? Did you go through a traumatic experience that still causes you distress? Trauma is one of my specialties. Let's work together to get your life back so you can feel more free to live the life that you want and deserve.

Courtneyrose Chung

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy

I specialize in treating individuals who have survived acute and complex trauma, which often results in a diagnosis of PTSD. Trauma is experienced in both the mind and the body. I utilize EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), and trauma-informed yoga, to help my clients reconnect to the present moment and free them from the paralyzing effects of their past experiences .

Carrie McCrudden

Individual Therapy

Trauma recovery is possible. There is no reason to let bad things from the past continually interrupt your desired life, both in the present and in the future. Dr. Carrie uses evidence based, trauma focused treatment to help you overcome PTSD and get on with your life.

Eric Blommel

Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy

There are so-called 'big T' traumas like military combat or car accidents and 'little t' traumas like emotional betrayals or seeing a loved one get hurt. What is common about each is the way our nervous system responds with symptoms. But hope lies in the fact that each of us has the inner resources to recover, even though we may need some help finding our strength in the wake of terrible events.

Laura Brassie

Individual Therapy

I am trained in EMDR, one of only two evidence-based practices approved by the World Health Organization for PTSD. I also work with my furry co-therapist, Coco, with clients experiencing PTSD and trauma. There is also significant research on the therapeutic benefits of working with animals.

Jennifer Olson-Madden

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy

I have been extensively trained in the treatment of trauma, with particular expertise in combat trauma in Veterans.

Tom Devine

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Couples Therapy

I use Cognitive Processing Therapy for treatment of PTSD. It is a treatment that helps to adjust our understanding of the trauma event(s) and provides a set of skills for getting 'un-stuck' from extreme or unhelpful patterns in thinking and behavior.

Erica Johnson

Individual Therapy

Experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, and trying to avoid situations, people, or places can only last for so long before it begins to wear us out. I am Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) certified, and I use EMDR to help folks reprocess their past trauma and negative experiences so they can live life without the past holding them back.

Brittney Grammer

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Child Therapy

Additional training's I have completed beyond my undergraduate and graduate degree. Introduction to Human Trafficking in Colorado; The Impact of Trauma and Neglect on on the Developing Child; Real Life Heroes: Rebuilding Attachments for Children with Complex Trauma; Mindfulness Interventions of ITCT-A; Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse.

Jessica Ham

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Child Therapy, Group Therapy

I am trained in trauma-based theory in working with children and adolescents. I have fourteen years of experience working in specialized programming with students who have severe emotional disabilities often due to past or ongoing trauma.

Christina Jensen

Individual Therapy

I work with all kinds of Trauma which can lead to symptoms of PTSD. I use a variety of methods to help resolve the fear, mistrust, lack of control, shame, guilt, anger, numbing and other distorted messages or emotional reactions that often arise with this issue and can become intrusive. Sub-specialties include sexual, transgender, medical, spiritual, and military trauma. EMDR is often helpful.

Stephen Rodgers

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy

PTSD and Complex Trauma.

Paula Stephani

Individual Therapy

Neuroscience continues to reveal more and more about how the different parts of the brain interact and how the brain processes and resolves trauma. These scientific discoveries inform the most effective treatment modalities used today. Memory reconsolidation is one such modality that engages the emotional brain to revise and heal traumatic memories or painful childhood relational experiences.

Carolyn Duhn

Individual Therapy

While we often think of PTSD being related to severe abuse, sexual assaults, and direct combat, the symptoms can also result from other less obvious, but maybe more common occurrences like car accidents, a breakup, the lack of emotional support growing up, or even work related stress. I'm trained in EMDR, Brainspotting and Splankna to treat PTSD.

Arianna Smith

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy

When something happens to us that overwhelms our system, the experience can stay \'stuck\' in our body. You may experience flashbacks, jumpiness, rage, and nightmares. We can work together so you can learn tools to manage your symptoms and feel safe again.

Dr. Stacie Freudenberg

Individual Therapy

Trauma of any kind impacts our well being and relationship to the world. I specialize in working with human to human trauma via somatic experiencing.

Carly Boeselt

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy

EMDR is a powerful intervention and strategy used to help people heal from a wide variety of traumas. I have successfully worked with clients with PTSD and other trauma-related struggles gain insight and meaning from their experience so they can move past it in healthy ways. I also participate in ongoing EMDR training and consultation as I worked towards becoming a fully certified EMDR therapist.

Teresa Crossland

Individual Therapy

I am trained in EMDR and Internal Family Systems to work with symptoms of trauma.

Meghan Rich

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Individual Therapy

Trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, I offer my clients this remarkable modality which has proven to produce positive outcomes in treating PTSD. Learn more about EMDR at:

Dr. Faye Kouimelis

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Child Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy

I have experience working with survivors of trauma including sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. I specialize in working with combat veterans and first responders whether it be witnessing, experiencing, or surviving devastating situations. Survivor guilt will also be addressed.

Brian Keating

Child Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy

Trained in EMDR through the Maiberger Institute. Over 4 years of experience providing support for traumatic experiences of a death.

Kelly Wiepking

Individual Therapy

Kelly started her career providing trauma therapy for survivors of abuse. She is trained in trauma therapy and completed EMDR training in 2009. Through her career Kelly has continued to support clients processing trauma related to abuse, car accidents, discrimination, difficult deliveries and medical trauma.

Chloe Koeffler

Individual Therapy

I provide trauma-informed therapy to individuals with a range of trauma histories including sexual assault, childhood abuse, complex trauma, and military- related trauma. I use an approach that focuses on empowerment and draws from empirically-based therapies. My training includes work in the PTSD clinic of the VA-Connecticut, the National Center for PTSD at VA Palo Alto, and community clinics.

Sabrina Merz

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Family Therapy

I help adults and children heal from trauma. Dealing with the aftermath of difficult times is challenging, and PTSD is one of the common reasons people reach out for help. I provide a safe space for clients to process what happened. Clients learn and practice coping skills, reduce anxiety and fears, and reclaim their power and inner peace.

Erica Faulhaber

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Group Therapy

Trauma can be debilitating. There may be days where you feel controlled by fear, unable to control your thoughts or emotions and left feeling extremely exhausted! Trauma therapy can help you find relief. Trauma comes in many forms commonly referred to as “Big T and little t” trauma(s) . Together we can discuss your life experiences and if any such traumas have impacted you.

Sarah Freeze

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy

Trauma is any event that leaves a negative lasting effect. It is stored in our body and often shapes how we think about ourselves. Therapy looks different between each individual I work with. It can be easy to focus on the problems, but with my help we will be solution-focused, facilitating growth and progress.

Elinor Nygren Szapiro

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy

I've been helping clients heal PTSD for forty years and am highly trained in several forms of PTSD and trauma therapy, including: Brainspotting, EMDR, Body Centered therapy and Hypnotherapy. These methods clear PTSD triggers and disturbances by working below the mind, on a body and nervous system level-in a very gentle, safe and titrated way. They also calm anxiety and support an easy relaxation.

Brenda Bomgardner

Individual Therapy

Life can dish out harsh realities. Trauma can be incurred from a single life threatening event or from a series on long term exposure to small events adding up to traumatic outcomes. I call these events BIG T's and little t's and both can leave you feeling on edge and easily triggered. If you find yourself over reacting and then regretting your behavior it might be an unresolved trauma.

Evelyn Barton

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy

I have taken college courses in PTSD and have personal experience living with someone who suffered from PTSD and I have also lived with PTSD.

Julie Reichenberger

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy

Trauma can take over your life. I see it in my office everyday and in my relationships with loved ones. Trauma doesn't have to rule your life. Over my years as a therapist, I continue to seek education in working with trauma, as it cannot be avoided. I provide EMDR and other evidence based trauma approaches to help my clients work through their pain and suffering so they can live a more full life.

Maile Grace

Individual Therapy

You’ve been reaching for affection, to grasp the fullness of life, but it feels like it has been buried too deeply within you. Your head is spinning as you assess what feels safe and what isn't. It feels like there’s no one that really gets you. PTSD has a long history of stealing souls from unsuspecting bystanders. It can strike immediately, the weight of its influence hitting like a brick wall.

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