Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic integration is designed to assist those seeking support in connection with psychedelic experiences. Integration can offer emotional support to those who are curious about planning on, or have previously explored altered states of consciousness through psychedelic experiences. Individuals who have had both positive and difficult experiences can benefit from psychedelic integration by being able to safely discuss new or challenging feelings that have come up as a result using psychedelics.

Local Experts in Psychedelic Integration

Teresa Crossland

Individual Therapy

I have completed the Certificate of Psychedelic Therapy and Research and currently work for MAPS as an Independent Contractor. I am comfortable helping people integrate their experiences to help them lead happier lives.

Adam Richardson

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy

Psychedelic exploration is a natural expression of our human desire to further understand ourselves as spiritual beings as well as exploring the infinite mystery of the universe. As with any journey into the unknown, it can be helpful to have a guide and support to help you understand and process what you experience as well as to help keep you safe along the way.

Melanie Smithson

Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy

Many are familiar with what could be termed an “altered state” through meditation, plant medicines, holotrophic breathwork and other experiences that expand awareness. During these times, most will report feelings of elation, love, connection, peace and well-being. Learning to integrate these experiences is where I come in.

Aviva Bannerman

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Individual Therapy

I've been working professionally with legal psychedelics for the past two years, conducting cannabis- and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and accompanying integration sessions. If you are interested in integrating a difficult psychedelic experience you've had, I can help you reflect on it and bring its lessons into your everyday life.

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