Men’s Issues

Men may experienece challenges specific to their gender. Some common concerns include male-specific health issues, impotence, anger, depression, PTSD, fatherhood and substance abuse. Therapists specializing in treating men’s issues can help them create better relationships, reduce stress, manage emotions, challenge stereotypes and expectations and find an authentic identity.

Local Experts in Men’s Issues

Shawn Brndiar

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy

Every day, men are exposed to hundreds of messages that are not affirming to healthy masculinity. I help men discover their authenticity, find balance, and have meaningful relationships. Have you achieved success and still find yourself wondering, 'is there more to life than this?', Happiness and contentment do not have to be sacrificed to get the life you want and deserve.

Todd Thillman

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy

Being a male who has focused on personal and spiritual growth for most of my life, I feel I have a strong sense of how to work with a variety of issues that arise with being male.

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