Gottman Method

The Gottman Method was developed by Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman in the 1980’s to help couples strengthen their relationships in three primary areas: friendship, conflict management, and creation of shared meaning. Gottman-trained therapists help couples replace negative conflict patterns with positive interactions and repair past hurts. Interventions used include helping couples deepen emotional connection and increase closeness and intimacy, enhancing the couple's shared goals.

Local Experts in Gottman Method

Danelle Chapman

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Child Therapy

I am not yet officially Gottman Certified, but love using the Sound Relationship House Theory as a guide to my work with couples. We work to build trust and commitment by exploring each of the levels. Some examples include;Build Love Maps (increase emotional intelligence), Grow Admiration and Fondness (friendship), Learn to Turn Towards each other vs away or against (build emotional connection).

Brittni Fudge

Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy

I know when you come to couples counseling you are looking for validation, insight, tools, and ultimately change. In order to ensure you get the change you’re looking for, I use the Gottman Relationship Checkup tool. It’s an online assessment that consists of 480 questions about your relationship. This assessment scores your strengths and challenges as a couple so that we can get right to work.\n

Heidi Sauder

Couples Therapy

Gottman Method Therapy is based on over 40 years of research with thousands of couples and is the most extensive understanding of relationships and demonstrates a practical guide on how to help couples create and sustain a happy union.

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