Early Recovery

People new to sobriety may struggle with the day to day life stuff that is seemingly “easy” for those not in recovery from substance abuse. Because recovery entails changing a lot of old behaviors, it is important that an individual new to sobriety develops and maintains healthy relationships with people, places and things. Support, community and therapy are all critical components not only in helping people stay abstinent, but also to regain a sense of normalcy and mental wellness.

Local Experts in Early Recovery

Melissa Barbash

Individual Therapy, Group Therapy

This is a favorite population of mine...having worked in the field for many years in inpatient addiction treatment I have been able to witness early and long term recovery. Through the ups and downs, beauty and darkness, I feel privileged to be a part of someone\'s journey into recovery. I help people begin to build a different life...and to hold on to what makes you YOU.

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