Compassion-Focused Therapy

Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) helps promote psychological healing by encouraging people to be compassionate towards themselves and others. CFT is especially appropriate for those experiencing high levels of shame and self-criticism and have difficulty feeling warmth and compassion. Trained mental health professionals who specialize in CFT can help people learn how to feel more safe in their interactions with others and themselves.

Local Experts in Compassion-Focused Therapy

Crystal Peterson

Couples Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy

A huge part of my research and focus has been on compassion, self-compassion, and compassion fatigue. I love using techniques that increase a person's self-compassion because it really changes their whole life. I enjoy continuing my knowledge by going to conferences with the leaders in the field of compassion studies. I enjoy teaching on this subject and am passionate about it. Let's talk!

Rowen Mikodah

Individual Therapy, Group Therapy

Deactivate old loops of shame and unworthiness through learning how to build non-judgment, strength, warmth, empathy, wisdom, kindness, and courage.

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