Career Counseling

There are a variety of factors that influence career development. These include one's abilities and interests, values and personality and education or background. Career counseling is a process that will help you know and understand yourself as well as help you make better career and life decisions. Career counseling often includes: guidance through the process of career exploration, administration and interpretation of assessments and inventories, job-hunting strategies, resume and cover letter building, strategizing your job search and interview preparation. 

Local Experts in Career Counseling

Emily Frank

Individual Therapy, Group Therapy

Feel fabulous about your career! Who you are and how you fit matter to your happiness, and your happiness matters, too.

Casey Cullen

Individual Therapy

We spend SO much time on our job and career. By investing the time to figure out if your career goals are matching your life goals. What values are you looking for in a career? By exploring the values that are important in your life, it helps to uncover what values are essential for a fulfilling career.

Alex Song

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy

Utilizing several approaches, I help clients with determining projections of their career path or finding their path that is fulfilling. I also help students understand the college application process as well as help determine which field of study is a best fit.

Ryan Ramsey

Individual Therapy

You have worked hard to get where you are. From an outsider’s perspective, you are successful. But inside, you are struggling just to get through each day. The stress, the expectations of others, and the responsibility you feel can be so overwhelming that some days you just want to walk away. You know that something isn’t working anymore.

Lauren Borkowski

Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Individual Therapy

I have experience supporting individuals with a wide range of career concerns including students determining possible career paths, college students questioning their future plans, and adults who are either dissatisfied with their jobs, wanting to grown in their current jobs, or interested in exploring new options.

Brenda Bomgardner

Individual Therapy

Having worked in Human Resources for 17 years at a Fortune 500 company taught me that fine-tuning a career is one of the most important processes in life that can affect the quality of your professional and personal well-being. Careers are an ever-changing and evolving process to being in alignment with your calling. What is it you dream of doing within the world of work?

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