Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s well-being, explore feelings, foster self-awareness, reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem, reduce symptoms of depression, process grief, and much more. Art therapy’s primary goal is to help people experiencing emotional and psychological challenges achieve fulfillment and improved levels of function. Using the creative process, art therapists help their clients process emotions through a variety of techniques ranging from sculpture and painting to experiential activities like dance and movement.

Local Experts in Art Therapy

Amanda Rebel

Individual Therapy

Sometimes, the words we use to describe what we are going through (talking) doesn't completely explain our pain or difficulties. Some things are difficult to put into words, yet are felt and sensed quite clearly. This is where non-verbal practices (art, movement, music, writing, storytelling, ritual) can be helpful, as they express--via creativity--the how, what and why of our situation.

Cindy Gordon

Individual Therapy

My training (master's degree) is in Art Therapy and I have consistently practiced this for the past 11 years.

Art can express many hidden emotions and thoughts, it's a powerful tool for all ages. I use creative exercises, homework, and assessment tools to help find your best balance in life and reveal results that you are searching for; even ones you didn't know about in the beginning.

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