Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is the practice of using animals as therapeutic instruments to facilitate healing and rehabilitation. AAT's are approaches to mental health treatment that incorporate animals into the therapeutic process, emphasizing the bond between humans and animals. The use of animals in the therapeutic setting has shown to help people struggling with pain, anxiety, depression and social anxiety to name a few. And it’s not only the people with health problems who benefit. Family members and friends who sit in on animal visits often report feeling better too. 

Local Experts in Animal-Assisted Therapy

Laura Brassie

Individual Therapy

I am trained in animal-assisted therapy with my co-therapist, Coco the Australian Shepherd. I use animal-assisted interventions not just for love and snuggles (which are amazing) but to help both kids and adults with social skills, setting boundaries, processing trauma, reducing stress, and building confidence.

Dr. Stacie Freudenberg

Individual Therapy

Certified Therapy Dog, Theodore Tater Tott III (a.k.a. Teddy Tater) is my co-therapist in all the work I do. Animal assisted therapy has been shown to release oxytocin (a happy brain chemical), regulate the nervous system, increase social connection, rebuild trust, and so much more.

Cindy Gordon

Individual Therapy

I have a certification in animal-assisted therapy and a range of animals to work with: dogs, horses, pigs, and goats!

Rebecca Frank

Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Group Therapy

Horses, dogs, and small critters bring a whole new dynamic to therapy and while I work with each species of animal I see the unique strengths that each hold. Working with animals within a therapeutic setting can provide insight to some of our most deeply held beliefs. Working with animals is very experiential and interactive in nature.

Cadence Chiasson

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy

I have a labradoodle who is currently in training with me as a Therapy dog. We are working towards certification and he is with me about 3 days/week. If you like dogs, you'll Love Rocky!

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