Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol can be an addictive substance, but not everyone who consumes alcohol will become addicted. Abusers of alcohol are often heavy drinkers who continue drinking regardless of the consequences. Abusers of alcohol may not drink on a consistent basis. They may also just binge drink. Indicators of an alcohol abuse problem include putting oneself in risky situations, prioritizing alcohol, legal problems, drinking more than one would like to, drinking for effect, and drinking to get buzzed or drunk. Individuals who suffer from alcohol abuse do not always exhibit the same symptoms. Continued use of alcohol could lead to dependence. Individuals who are seeking help have many options for treatment and can be properly assessed by a trained substance abuse provider. 

Local Experts in Alcohol Abuse

Adam Richardson

Individual Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy

I see alcohol abuse as any addiction as an attempt to soothe one's the pain of internal world. The physical effects of alcohol also mirror the feeling we get when we feel loved and connected, so treatment of alcohol abuse involves not only healing the pain which fuels the abuse, but also finding points of genuine love and connection in one's world.

Lindsay Melka

Individual Therapy

I have several years of experience in treating individuals afflicted with alcoholism, helping them understand this complicated and insidious issue, reduce shame and stigma and regain a sense of self again-without alcohol.

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