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When you sign up with Denver Therapy Match, you will have the opportunity to link your website to your Denver Therapy Match profile page. Popular search engines, such as Google, rank websites higher when they are linked to trusted high quality sites. So your website will rank higher when you have a Denver Therapy Match profile! Acquiring quality links doesn't stop with your profile. You can get even more links when you submit blog posts, which will be featured on our homepage.

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As local therapists and consultants in our community, we get what it takes to build and maintain a thriving practice. Web presence is essential but so is word of mouth and real world exposure. We regularly promote Denver Therapy Match at community events and conferences. When space allows, we invite our members to join us at these events. We network with local businesses to make sure their employees know about Denver Therapy Match. In short, our marketing is more than just online.

Our mission is simple.

Our mission is simple. We want our local community to find quality mental health care when they need it. Denver Therapy Match is an online collective of talented clinicians seeking to make the connection to clients easy and effortless. We’re committed to serving a diverse community, helping potential clients find a therapist that specializes in exactly what they need.