I’m an Adult, Aren’t I??

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5 Feelings After College Graduation

1. Relief – oh to finally be done and be rid of that pressure, except…
2. Confused – what do I do now???
3. Overwhelmed – Find a job, need an unpaid internship, student loan bills will start soon… I thought I was done with the pressure!
4. Lonely – It’s so hard to keep up with friends now that we’ve all moved away and work full-time 
5. Fear – Is this what it’s like to be an adult? Will it be this hard forever?

It’s hard to feel like an adult when you’re in this swirling storm of questions and uncertainty. Every path seems difficult and wrought with the same obstacles of difficulty, money, and time. It all seems overwhelming, maybe to the point that you’ve shut down because apathy seems better than trying and failing. You feel like you’re going in circles, and it truly is miserable, but the risk of what happens if you break this cycle is somehow even more daunting. If you’ve never been taught how to make mistakes, that it’s okay to change direction, or how to determine your own definition of success, this land in between adolescence and adulthood is treacherous, and only seems to get worse. You lack contentment in the present and excitement for the future; sweet moments of relief come from reliving the past because, even though the pressure was high, the outcomes and objectives were clearly defined, and there’s freedom and relief in understanding. 

When everything is muddled and you feel out of passion and energy, therapy can be a place to go. There’s an unbiased, but caring, party that can take all of that swirling storm and help you point out the pieces of it: the dark clouds, the bone-soaking rain, the slippery grass. They can teach you the tools both to cope with what is and to change what doesn’t have to be, and they can also tell you where you’ve stopped yourself from improving. Instead of sitting outside in the rain wishing it would get better or giving in to the cold, wet apathy, come inside. Dry off. Meet with someone who will help you make sense of your own world and your own desires and direction. So far you’ve been fed everyone else’s definitions of success and accomplishment. Now is the time to find your own. 

Jasmyne Kettwick

Jasmyne Kettwick is the Executive Director of Relate Family Therapy and Counseling, which has 6 practitioners.


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