Do you hide from your greatness because you are highly sensitive?

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Do you ever walk into a room and feel so changed by the emotional energy in the space, you forget yourself? 

Perhaps the only time you feel truly yourself is when you are alone. Maybe you are such an antenna for the intensity and energy around other people that you easily feel overwhelmed, socially awkward, or 'shut down'. 

If so, you're not alone. You might simply be highly sensitive or empathic. It is possible to learn how to utilize the gifts of this sensitivity and boundary against overwhelm. With the right support, you can learn how to establish safety around other people while feeling the vitality of being anchored in yourself. 

After all, what could be more wonderful than being highly sensitive? HSP's have the greatest gifts of the mind and heart. Your sensitivity, when nurtured and supported, allows you the added superpowers of navigating life from a place of vital aliveness -- utilizing your intuition, creative expression and compassion to transform any situation. It is through our sensitivity that we create beauty and meaning in this life. 

Your overwhelm, numbing, hiding behaviors and social anxieties do not mean you are 'broken' or 'weak.'

Perhaps your 'antenna' just needs a little adjusting. 

Your sensitivity has been used to survive, to act as a conduit for healing others. What is possible when you utilize these gifts to enliven and heal yourself? 

As an HSP and empathic human myself, I believe sensitivity is our greatest gift. I believe it is a powerful evolutionary tool that can be leveraged for expansive creativity, utilized to actualize more loving, connected relationships and to shift personal and global consciousness. 

Not bad for a trait that we'd often like to dismiss or deny. 

So what's so good about being Highly Sensitive? The phrase itself doesn't exactly convey power and potential. Get this -- your sensitivity is the life and color in an otherwise mundane world. 

Sensitivity is the bedrock of our values, vision, creative and spiritual gifts, resourcefulness and passion — without sensitivity we would live in a pretty drab world.

Thus, I believe that if you are highly sensitive, you simply happen to live in a more colorful world. Regardless if you are energy-sensitive, or just plain sensitive in social situations, it’s time you learn how to cultivate, honor and nurture your sensitivity to actualize your gifts. 

Commonly, people get scared when they realize how sensitive they actually are – and never realize the power beneath the patterns of overwhelm. I liken being an HSP to sitting on a barren rock and not realizing the flowing channels of firey potential molten magma beneath. 

So much of the overwhelm (and likely the other emotions!) you feel as an HSP can be released and healed through these strategies: 

- Develop self-awareness with compassion-based therapy. 

- Heal physiological trauma with body therapies and neurofeedback to rewire for more 
interpersonal safety. 

- Reclaim your voice, your energy and boundaries with mindfulness-based therapy and 
relational therapy.

- Practice letting go and transforming the energy you take on from others through energy 
healing tools. 

- Shift out of feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, depression and fear with 
mindfulness-based tools to develop non-attachment and connect you to your authentic 

Don't mistake your sensitivity for weakness. Your emotional reactivity is a built-in homing device to route-correct in order to live empowered in your unique strengths. 

With the right support, you can shift the lens that magnifies the suffering around you into a looking glass to begin seeing yourself clearly so you can realize your deeper gifts. When you have control over your sensitivity, freedom from suffering is more than possible - it is your nature. 

Don't hesitate to reach out for guidance to release what no longer serves you. It is time to live empowered on every level: mind, body, soul, spirit. 

Rowen Mikodah

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