Blog Posts for Mental Health

​4 Ways to Combat Loneliness During COVID-19

Posted:   September 21, 2020 by Laura Houd
This is a very difficult time for many young adults

The Power of Coaching: Do you have someone who really listens to you?

Posted:   September 14, 2020 by Brian Klink
I became absolutely astonished at the power of coaching.

Perspective of Self Development and Self Centeredness

Posted:   September 06, 2020 by Nancy Bortz
Is self development self-centered? Simply answered- yes and no.

Small ways to make big change

Posted:   August 21, 2020 by Julie Goldberg
What are the things you can watch, listen to, or read?

An Inside Look at What Makes Trauma Therapy Work: 4 Facts from an EMDR Therapist

Posted:   August 14, 2020 by Sarah Freeze
EMDR is a unique treatment approach that helps people recover