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What to Expect from a Yoga Nidra Practice

Posted:   July 19, 2019 by Sara Sisty

I knew that this practice was more restorative than the typical heated vinyasa classes I take, and read to expect to be in stillness Read More →

4 Hacks for Anxiety

Posted:   June 16, 2019 by

The Experience of Anxiety – and Four Quick Hacks to Change it Read More →

Six New Tricks Your Old Dog Can Teach You (with the help of friends, family, and sobriety)

Posted:   June 06, 2019 by Megan Rogers

We had to say good-bye to Tilly two years ago, after over a year of medical ups and downs Read More →

What is the difference between ACT and CBT?

Posted:   May 30, 2019 by Lindsay Melka

A brief explanation of the difference between two common types of therapy. ACT and CBT. Read More →

Do you hide from your greatness because you are highly sensitive?

Posted:   May 07, 2019 by Mia Svoboda

Do you ever walk into a room and feel so changed by the emotional energy in the space, you forget yourself? Read More →